Utrecht University welcomes you!

In 2016 the ICEEP Mid-term meeting will be held at Utrecht University at 14-15 October

Attendees will be briefed on the latest developments and insights with respect to various aspects of the monitoring and care of the equine athlete by world-renowned experts from the US, Australia, the UK and a variety of continental European countries. The program focuses on topics relevant to both veterinarians and physiotherapists working with sport horses, and features several workshops and demonstrations, including EMG analysis and the latest advances in the rapidly developing field of objective equine gait analysis. See the detailed program for further information.

Registration for the entire 2-day programme is € 300,-  including lunches. Registration fee for attending a single day is  € 175,-

Registering for one of the programmes will give access to both of them as long as places are available, so you will be able to pick from both programmes what suits you best.
The ICEEP Mid-term meeting is accredited with CPD-points by PE-Veterinair with 3,5 hours CPD for the theoretical part and with 1,5 hour CPD for each wetlab.

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ICEEP has organized from 1982 until now nine highly successful and well-visited meetings that are recognized as highlights by all veterinarians working with athletic performance horses.

Areas covered include cardiovascular exercise physiology and biochemistry, nutrition, and genetics of the performance horse, functional biomechanics and muscle physiology, and also physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In short, all disciplines which are relevant to and often decisive in equine performance.

ICEEP is a global organization and meetings have been held in many places worldwide with important equine industries. The last three meetings were held in Chester (UK, 2014), Stellenbosch (South Africa, 2010) and Fontainebleau (France, 2006). The next meeting will be in Lorne (Victoria, Australia) from November 11-16, 2018. A great place and starting five days after the Melbourne Cup (November 6th, 2018), so a unique opportunity to enjoy both the practice and science of equine performance; save the dates!

ICEEP organizes mid-term meetings between the quadrennial scientific congresses. During these meetings members of the ICEEP international committee and other experts in various aspects of equine performance share their knowledge with veterinarians and other professionals working with performance horses.

Facilitating dissemination of results of research to veterinarians and other professionals involved in care and treatment of athletic horses.

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